Back Issues of WPQ

White Pine Route Quarterly (WPQ) is the official newsletter of the WI&M HPG. Each issue brings you HPG news, WI&M and Potlatch Lumber Co. history, prototype railroad information and modeling notes. Members receive paper copies of WPQ, but it is also available to them as a .pdf file. Click here to learn more about HPG membership.

Back issues of WPQ are available as .pdf files on CD, with three volumes on each disk. Click here to visit our Company Store for WPQ CD ordering information.

Click here to download the index for all WPQ articles in volumes 1 through 14. This is an Excel file compatible with all versions since Excel 97, so it should open for most users. Use the sort feature in Excel to search for articles by title, author, subject, location, and era.

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Mission Statement of the WI&M Railway History Preservation Group:

“To locate, preserve, and archive all items of a historical nature relating to the history of the WI&M Ry; to issue publications on this and related subjects; to encourage public interest in the history of the WI&M and the Potlatch Lumber Company; and, to acquire objects and property appropriate for a museum and/or any of the purposes listed above.”

The WI&M Ry HPG is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational corporation registered in the State of Idaho