Photos from the Milwaukee Road Era (1962 - 1980):

WI&M X-5, a former NP caboose, sits in front of the Potlatch depot in 1968. Not too long after, this caboose was sold and moved to Farmington, WA for use as a pottery shop. It has been donated to the HPG and it now sits on the opposite side of the depot to await restoration. John Henderson photo.
The Milwaukee Road's unique rib-side plow gets shoved through Deary, ID sometime in the late 1960's. Mac Benson photo.
A view from the cab of a Milwaukee Road GP-9 switching the Bovill yard in November, 1978. Even though the WI&M interchanged with the Milwaukee's Elk River branch at Bovill, the WI&M owned the tracks as far as Purdue, about 2 miles north of Bovill. J. Futterer photo.
While riding in one of the Milwaukee's famous rib-side cabooses in November, 1978, the photographer caught a glimpse of caboose 991603 halfway down an embankment after an earlier derailment. Once a regular on the WI&M, the older coupola-style caboose remained in this position for some time. Once rerailed, however, the caboose was never repaired and rib-side cabooses remained in use on the WI&M until the Milwaukee bowed out 16 months later. J. Futterer photo.
GP-9 number 305 switches at Potlatch i November, 1978. J. Futterer photo.
A Milwaukee Road train with "rib side" caboose at the end trundles up Whitman Street in Palouse, WA in May, 1979. Carl Sonner photo.
A westbound Milwaukee Road train stops to pick up a loaded hopper at the Princeton, ID elevator. This photo of GP-9 number 290 was taken in February, 1980, just days before the Milwaukee's official retreat from the West. Carl Sonner photo.

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